The First Film Production at New Häfele Singapore Showroom with Renopedia

It was welcoming to have the production team from Renopedia and Chefs at Häfele Singapore showroom on 14 December 2016. Almost a week more to the most popular and lively festive season...we want to keep 

A training-to-be Chef in culinary arts, Boon Kiat and his team mates have made us some interesting peranakan dishes with fresh ingredients like prawn, asam, chicken and beancurd. With a bit of twist in seasoning and creativity, we could understand why some people still adore peranakan cuisine because they have this unique flavours and fragrance. Simply sedap! We also have another Lady Chef who often cooks up a happy meals for her family and she has shared some cooking tips on what to expect with smart kitchen appliances, in particular hob and hood so you can have your food served fast while maintaining the quality of food.

Quick Bites with Margie - Episode 1 : View Here.

Quick Bites with Boon Kiat - Episode 2 : View Here