Häfele Singapore unites at 2 Days 1 Night Teambuilding Trip to Batam

With full of excitement and anticipation, Häfele Singapore have embarked on a 2 Days trip to Batam for a wonderful getaway and meaningful teambuilding activities. Although it is just a short trip, this gives an opportunity for the team to learn, understand and bond with one another.

It was a valuable experience for everyone because we have overcome different challenges without giving up and actively participated in all activities planned by the event organizer. Beyond the fun interactions & activities, Häfele Singapore has learned the fundamental connotation behind the word ‘TEAM’ as it encompasses not only cooperation, leadership, spirits and trust, but mainly, the appreciation that everyone plays an important role in the organization – One Hafele.

Aside from the interesting teambuilding experiences, we had a great party in the evening with amazing singers and yummy buffet selection from the hotel. Definitely, we are looking forward to the next trip!