From the classic to the career type – the Maxi flap fitting

Several years ago, the furniture industry underwent a change in thinking: Functional furniture also has to be visually appealing. Precisely this change in thinking lead to the development of flap fittings, which are now so ubiquitous it's hard to imagine a world without them. These fittings allow front panels on furniture to open upwards. Moreover wall cabinets are no longer obstacle courses, but rather ergonomic, space-saving and visually appealing. They have made kitchens into living spaces, a development welcomed equally by industry and consumers – for the moment.

A powerhouse with potential

Häfele realised early on that flap fittings are fundamental to creative furniture design: for several years, Häfele has included flap fittings as a product in its own programme. Today the fittings are classics in the furniture industry and it's hard to imagine kitchen design in particular without them. The Maxi flap fitting from Häfele is a powerhouse: it can hold front panels weighing up to 50 kg in any desired position. But Häfele wouldn't be Häfele if we didn't make products that are already successful just a little better. Häfele found the decisive impetus in the market: technicians, designers, woodworkers, planners and customers all played an important role in the creation of this new idea.

Small addition, great effect

While the Häfele hardware and fitting systems specialists worked to perfect the Maxi flap fitting, a Häfele employee decided to try something new: he combined the Maxi fitting with push hinges to implement a push-to-open function: A light tap of the finger serves to open even the heaviest furniture fronts completely through to the final position. A simple, additional component transformed the classic flap fitting into a creative, multi-functional solution. It was especially effective since the added value corresponded to precisely the current trend in furniture design toward elegant furniture fronts without handles. The new, expanded areas of application of the Maxi flap fitting show that Häfele not only identifies trends, but also sets them. And does so with success.